Supporting workplaces to invest in the future of their business by providing opportunities through work for employees to boost their health & wellbeing and to enjoy regular participation in sport and recreation as part of a physically active lifestyle.

 Workplace Well being can develop a range of services designed specifically to meet the needs of your business. We can help:

  •  Reduce sickness absence.

  • Prevent and reduce health risks arising in the workplace and helping your business maintain a healthy workforce.

  •  Lifestyle and wellbeing services increasing productivity and staff retention.

  • Workers are the key business asset and are essential to generating improvements in productivity, profitability, sales, growth and operational performance. Healthy workers produce healthy organisations.


This can be done in a number of ways:

  • Physical activity/exercise classes

  • Competitive Sports

  • Body Composition Analysis

  • Back Care Courses

  • Community Hub Advisor Support


"The sessions have given staff the opportunity to associate with others who they might not otherwise associate with. The circuit training sessions were fun, well planned and always varied which meant that numbers keep increasing rather than the sessions becoming boring and repetitive".


“Thank you for holding the circuit sessions at our College for our staff. I look forward to my Tuesday nights every week now and thoroughly enjoy working hard before going home. You have provided different sessions each week which keeps us on your feet and challenges us individually. I would say that it most definitely reduces our stress levels and increases team moral”.


“Really enjoyed the sessions! Fun, challenging and engaging to a wide variety of fitness levels”.


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The North East Better Health at Work Award recognises the efforts of local employers in addressing health issues within the workplace.


The award scheme is FREE, flexible and open to ALL employers in the North East, regardless of size, location or business type.


Many organisations already promote healthy lifestyles and consider the health of their employees – this Award recognises the achievements of these organisations and helps them move forward in a structured and supported way.


For those organisations who have not yet considered promoting health at work, taking part in this award will help you reap the many rewards of encouraging a healthy workforce.


Every employer/organisation who signs-up to participate in the Award scheme is supported by a dedicated Health Improvement Specialist.


For further information about the award, visit, or contact the local award coordinator for Hartlepool via