Walk About In Hartlepool is a programme providing locally led health

walks in the community for all residents of Hartlepool and the

surrounding areas.


A health walk is a free and local short walk typically lasting under an hour to

help you get active and stay active at a pace that is right for you. It is a

great way to start physical activity and explore your local area whilst meeting

like minded people.


All health walks are led by qualified volunteer walk leaders who will make

you feel welcome regardless of your walking ability. Our walks are graded to

support those who want shorter low level walks through to longer walks

across a range of terrains.


All your need is a pair of suitable, comfortable walking shoes and sensible

clothing appropriate for the weather.


Weekly walks schedules and programmes are released on a regular basis.

Download the latest edition:-   January, February, March

**There is a change on the 17th February it’s at Portafinos not Running waters and  March 16th is at Summerhill not Sedgefield**

Search thousands of route guides or create your own adventures with the world's best outdoor maps. here

If you are interested in participating in a walk, please sign up for our walks calendar by emailing us at participation.team@hartlepool.gov.uk  


We also train volunteer Walk Leaders to lead our walking sessions, if you're interested in becoming a Walk Leader, please call 01429 284050 or email

us at participation.team@hartlepool.gov.uk