The Participation Team Volunteer Programme aims to guide and develop volunteers, no experience is necessary and a variety of different opportunities are available.

Sport and Physical Activity relies on the dedication and commitment of volunteers who give up their time to help provide suitable and structured Activity Sessions to the Hartlepool Community. The Success of Sport and Physical Activity would not be possible without quality coaches’ instructors and volunteers.

As a volunteer you can commit as much or as little time as you would like, from supporting at one off events to providing assistance as part of weekly provision.

Some of the benefits people have received through volunteering include:

  • Experience in potential careers

  • Improved confidence and self esteem

  • Improved transferable skills

  • Gained knowledge through working with experienced staff members.

  • Improved social skills and made friends.

  • Improved coaching ability

  • Experience in working as a part of a team

  • Training and development


What our volunteers say:

‘It made me a lot more confident, and I learnt new skills that will prepare me for future employment’

‘I have learnt a great deal from the coaches and instructors that I have been involved with.’




To become a volunteer please contact the volunteer activator on 01429 523556 or email participation@hartlepool.gov.uk





The Participation Team have run numerous successful events in previous years, and we are hoping that future events can bring even more success to the events programme. Due to our growing events calendar we are seeking interested individuals who would like to become part of our team, and volunteer events. We treasure the work our volunteers do, as our previous events would not have been the success they where, without the assistance from our event volunteers.

We have a number of volunteer roles available for our event team, and each event will require volunteers in a number of the roles below.

Pre/post event:

  • Athlete bag packing

  • Pre day registration

  • Course signage erection and dismantlement​

On the day of event:

  • Course marshal/Lead marshal

  • Registration

  • Event set up/take down

  • Club/team lead

  • Transition supervisor

  • Racking construction

  • Lane counter/swim counter


‘I enjoyed Sundays walk, I had a lovely morning and made friends with other volunteers,

everyone is very friendly.’

‘I thoroughly enjoyed my role and will be there as long as the event runs, I am very proud to be a marshal. The event is a firm date in our family calendar; we enjoy and look forward to it.’

‘I have been marshalling since it started, I look forward to the event and encourage friends to get involved, and the event team do a fantastic job making the event popular and successful.’


Event Volunteering
Becoming a volunteer