The Exercise Referral Scheme provides supervised introductory courses of a wide range of physical activity, which supports residents to lead a more active lifestyle. This can help people better manage any existing health problems and supports the reduction of future health risks associated with the natural ageing process. This is an adult service that can accommodate all age groups and ability.


The specialist exercise provision supports the following:


  • Heart problems

  • Pulmonary Respiratory Illness

  • Mobility problems, chronic back pain

  • Stress, Anxiety, Depression

  • Diabetes

  • Stroke

  • Parkinson’s

  • Muscular Sclerosis

  • Pre and Post-surgery


Course type includes:


  • Water Mobility

  • Gym-based exercise

  • Low intensity group exercise

  • Therapeutic back care

  • Cardiac Rehabilitation

  • Pulmonary Rehabilitation 

  • Therapeutic exercise for neurological conditions.


Health professionals from GP surgeries and hospital sites can refer patients to the service. To do so, please download a referral form here and return it to our secure email address at healthandexercise@hartlepool.gcsx.gov.uk to ensure patient confidentiality.


There is also a self-referral pathway for those who wish to access the service independently however this is only applicable to those who are classed as low risk at the point of enquiry. To self-refer yourself on this service, please download the self-referral form here and return it to healthandexercise@hartlepool.gov.uk


For further information, contact the team on 01429 284363 or email healthandexercise@hartlepool.gov.uk

"The advice on physical exercise and healthy eating has been first class. My weight has reduced (over half a stone), I am sleeping better and feel much healthier in myself. I have modified my eating habits in line with advice given and I am much more conscious of the types and amounts of food I eat.


"The programme has been of great assistance in getting me back on track. Overall, I am delighted with the assistance and advice given by the programme and very grateful for the resulting positive outcomes for myself."

Anonymous HELP Participant

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