Fun, active and exciting classes designed for new and expectant mums across Hartlepool from 14 weeks into their pregnancy to post-natal (after your post-natal GP check). 


Our sessions include:


Pre-recorded: Pilates (videos available below)


Pre-recorded: Exercise for 2 -


Live: Core Focus - time to be confirmed 

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Advice for Using a Sling/Carrier


  • Take your time

  • Learning to carry your baby in a sling/carrier is a new skill. Some people take to it easily. Others need a bit more time to be comfortable.

  • Read the instructionsMost slings come with detailed instructions. Read them carefully.

  • Pay attention to the safety notes, inspect your baby sling/carrier.

  • Check your sling baby carrier regularly for wear and tear.

  • If you’re unsure about the instructions, check online to find more ways of using your baby sling/carier.

  • Look up Sling Libraries, Meetings & ConsultantsFind a group or Consultant near you. They will be able to help you get a comfortable fit with your sling/carrier, adjust the height, spread the fabric, place the baby in the correct position.


For more information on sling & carrier safety please follow the below link;


Link to the great safety leaflet by French consultants, translated by Slingababy


You can also download the T.I.C.K.S. rule for safe babywearing leaflet here.

Pre-Natal Pilates 1

Pre-Natal Pilates 2

Pre-Natal Pilates 3

Pre-Natal Pilates 4

Pre-Natal Pilates 5